I am working on a library of my own published books. So, this page isĀ always under construction, much like myself!

This is my list so far:

Remember When (2019) – Grandma has trouble with her memory, so with bucket-full of patience and a heart full of love, this little granddaughter helps her to remember the special moments they’ve shared. A special picture book to help anyone remember (with) their grandparent. From Elephant House Press.

Runaway (2013) – Sammy Smart doesn’t like the new guy her young widowed Mum is dating. Of course, no one can ever replace her Dad. But nobody seems to understand her concerns, and Mum doesn’t seem to care how her dating is affecting their family. So, she may as well run away. But what happens to make her run right back for home and the people she can no longer trust? This is an easy read for middle-graders (or older) who don’t really want to! Self-published under pen name Jaci Cox, available on Kindle/eBook.

Collaborations, Contributions to Anthologies:

Love Story, Volume 1 (2019) – a collection of stories, photographs, illustrations, prose and poetry celebrating love! I have a sweet romance included in this volume, and proceeds support the charity “Human and Hope“. Suitable for Young Adults and older. From Elephant House Press.